Elegant Event Lighting Chicago Year in Review | Wedding Tent Lighting & Decor

Today’s 2014 Year in Review Series post is all about the gorgeous wedding tent transformations we had the opportunity to design for our client’s this year!

Becky Notaro & Robert Singer Wedding

Becky & Robert had a beautiful Wedding Reception on Saturday, September 20th, 2014 at Farmstead Park in St. Charles, IL. The transformation of the couple’s wedding tent began with a sheer white fabric draping design. The EEL Team draped fabric from the sides of the tent up to the ceiling and in between each of the tent’s poles.

Tent Draping | Farmstead Park

Elegant Event Lighting Chicago incorporated fairy lights into the center pole draping design. We love how this décor element created an intimate setting for Becky & Robert’s guests!

Tent Draping & Fairy Lights | Farmstead Park

Our team hung Café Globe Italian String Lights around the perimeter of the tent. The lights glowed in warm amber and perfectly complimented the draping and fairy light design.

Café Globe Italian String Lights | Farmstead Park

EEL Chicago also provided the Cherry Wood Dance Floor for the couple’s guests to dance the night away!

Cherry Wood Dance Floor | Farmstead Park

To complete the transformation, Elegant Event Lighting hung the couple’s beautiful floral paper lanterns over the dance floor. To make the lanterns pop, our team illuminated them using soft amber lighting.

Dance Floor & Paper Lanterns | Farmstead Park

Click here to learn more about Becky & Robert’s lighting and décor design.

Patricia Corvino & Dan Gleason Wedding

Patricia & Dan hosted their Wedding Reception on Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 at Riverside Golf Club in North Riverside, IL!

Patricia & Dan’s wedding tent started as a blank canvas, ready for our team to transform with lighting and draping!

Wedding Tent Before Draping | Riverside Golf Club

The couple’s décor design began with white draping of the entire interior of their tent in a beautiful, seamless pleated pattern. Next, all four walls were draped in matching white fabric to finish the design.

To compliment the white fabric draping, we then added twelve crystal chandeliers to the middle of the tent. Not only did the chandeliers provide the functional lighting for their guests, but they also added a touch of elegance to the décor design.

Wedding Tent Draping & Chandeliers | Riverside Golf Club

The transformation was complete with a purple Color Wash of the tent ceiling which added a vibrant pop of color!

Wedding Tent Draping, Chandeliers & Ceiling Color Wash | Riverside Golf Club

Watch our team in action as they complete Patricia & Dan’s Lighting and Décor design!

Click here to see more pictures of Patricia & Dan’s complete lighting and decor design.

Which tent transformation do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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