Creative Dance Floors!

Elegant Event Lighting has worked on multiple jobs that stray away from the traditional wooden or white vinyl dance floors. Our team works to individualize dance floors to each couple’s desire!

Take a look at a short clip one of our crew members took showcasing a shimmery holographic dance floor!

Black Dance Floor

White isn’t the only dance floor color., here is a high gloss black vinyl with a personalized overlay monogram!

Black White Dance Floor

Gorgeous borders and designs can be added as well!

Black White Checkerd Floor Revel Fulton Market

Create a checkered look for a spin on the traditional plain white dance floor or go all out…

Floral Dance Floor

… and create a full graphic print for your dance floor.


No matter what your wedding theme or style is, there is always a dance floor to be created for your guests to cha-cha the night away in style!

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