2016 S2D2/EEL Holiday Party


Our awesome S2D2/EEL family!


This past December, our DJs, decor installers, managers, and office staff joined together for a night full of fun, food, and a life sized board game!

Img 2126

Our lovely warehouse and crew worker Rue Carter led our life sized board game which included many competitive games, all following the theme of DJ setup and tasks a crew member may encounter on the job or in our warehouse!
Img 2128

Our lovely “plus-ones” spun the wheel-of-eel

Img 2137

Fabulous Executive Assistant, Kristen Nowak, served as our totally-matching referee!Img 2139

Competition was friendly (for the most part)

Img 2146

Our lighting crew was able to show off their talent

Img 2169

Couples had to face off in vigorous activities

Img 2189

Our manager Ellen spent a majority of her time in the blackhole of fairy lights…

Img 2208

But the games continued on!
Img 2219

Not kidding, she really did spend quite a bit of time in there…Img 2221

DJ Ron was quite the entertainment even without his DJ gear!

Img 2232

Have you ever tried to separate double-sized tape in a hurry?

Img 2238

Or sort fabric under pressure?

Img 2264

Nothing like some good old fashion mag-pole fishing!

Img 2278

Aaron and Brad are concentrated figuring out the length of bins of sheer

Img 2288

Snipping zip ties on black pipe is not as easy as it looks..

Img 2293

Especially in a suit!Img 2313

Of course we had to throw in some good old fashioned bag-toss
Img 2332

By far the funniest, was seeing crew members try to set up DJ gear…
Img 2348

But they were in their element folding sheer as fast as possible!
Img 2320

We can’t forget the beautiful centerpieces made by our assistant and referee Kristen!

Thank you to all who participated in this special night and took a break from your hard work to have some good hearted fun with your coworkers, friends, and loved ones!


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