Katie & Jeremy’s Art Institute Wedding

A very unique and beautiful wedding took place on September 24th, 2016, the kind that requires only the best photographers from places like olgatopchii.com to capture it in all of its glory. Everyone knows that photography and great lighting go hand in hand; together they can create some stunning work, so our team at Elegant Event Lighting was honored being a part of Katie & Jeremy’s special day at the Art Institute of Chicago! We love this space and the story behind the couple’s choice in decor!

Katie Jeremy All 0434 2 1

Guests were full of smiles as they watched Katie enter the ceremony in her beautiful wedding dress.Katie Jeremy All 0452 1

A white fabric backdrop with dark amber lighting created a smaller, more intimate space for Katie & Jeremy to exchange their vows.
Katie Jeremy All 0538 1

A blush pink canopy was also installed and decorated with beautiful floral from Fleur. Are you wondering what these cranes mean??

Katie Jeremy All 0554 1

Ethan and Henry told guests all about them before Katie & Jeremy exchanged vows!
Katie Jeremy All 0591 1

To sum it up, here are the final words from Ethan’s adorable speech spoken while Henry demonstrated how to make the cranes.

“We did 996 white cranes and four navy blue cranes. The reason that we did the four blue cranes is to represent Katie, Papa, Henry, and me. Traditionally, it was believed that if you were to fold 1000 origami cranes, your wish would come true. It is our wish for my Papa and Katie to have a long and happy life together.”Katie Jeremy All 0713 1

Our team, along with many other vendors, worked very hard to transform the couple’s ceremony into a beautiful reception while guests enjoyed cocktails! The beautiful canopy-of-cranes was transported to the center of the room behind the sweetheart table, which was illuminated with soft amber lighting.Katie Jeremy All 0785 1 This looked amazing for Katie & Jeremy’s first dance! The room was also illuminated with light dusty rose uplighting.
Katie Jeremy All 1095 1

Our team at EEL Chicago had a blast with this wedding, and seeing the whole space come together was so rewarding. Thank you to Katie & Jeremy, and all of the other vendors who made this possible!

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