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Wedding Wednesday | Morgan Manufacturing

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

We spent our Saturday working with Fragrant Design and Joyce Pollakoff Events at Morgan Manufacturing in Chicago!

EEL Chicago incorporated many elements of lighting throughout Morgan Manufacturing, as well as a drape wall to close the ceremony area in for guests.

Amber uplighting glowed throughout the perimeter of the space. Fragrant Design’s decorative ring with crystal chandeliers was hung in the center of the room and looked great!

Floral centerpiece lighting made every table stand out, along with various head table, dance floor, and cake lighting to bring attention to each!

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  • Bablofil
    March 14, 2017
    Thanks, great article.
  • Mary
    March 21, 2017
    What a beautiful amber glow! Lighting and ambiance are a hugely important element that can transform a venue. Proper lighting an draw attention to all the little details that work together to create an atmosphere the client desires. Thanks for sharing!

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