Terra & John’s Wedding Celebration at Venuti’s | March 7, 2014

The team at Elegant Event Lighting Chicago loves working with brides and grooms celebrating their big day at Venuti’s, and Terra & John Nazha were no exception.

Terra & John worked with our designers to turn their ideas and vision of their wedding décor into a reality.  All of the lighting and décor details were absolutely stunning and completely transformed The Grand Ballroom for the couple’s reception at Venuti’s in Addison, IL.


Terra & John’s reception décor started with a beautiful, soft white fabric backdrop that we lit with Vibrant Blue uplighting.  The backdrop served as a focal point for their guests’ and really made a bold statement!


Terra & John’s Brilliant White Dance Floor paired well with the backdrop design and added elegance to The Grand Ballroom.


The White Dance Floor was transformed with a Color Wash to accentuate the high gloss floor and the newlyweds looked amazing sharing their first dance and other special dances throughout the night!

We also provided Moving Head Intelligent Light Fixtures to create a fun and energized dance floor for the couple’s guests!


The Double Starburst White Fabric Ceiling Canopy stretched across the entire room.  It complemented all of the other décor elements and gave The Grand Ballroom a soft, romantic feel.


Finally, pin spot lighting highlighted the gorgeous floral centerpieces for the family tables that were accentuated with Fireworks courtesy of Yanni Design Studio that ignited when Terra & John entered the room.  A great thrill for their guests!


Every detail of Terra & John’s wedding lighting and décor design was perfectly tied together and completely personalized The Grand Ballroom.  We were honored to be a part of Terra & John’s special day and wish them the best for their married life together!

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