What Your Wedding Décor Budget Can Do

Your Wedding Décor Budget is Important

How would you like to watch a live theater production that had no lighting and no set? If the acting and singing were out of this world, you might enjoy it. But surely it would be missing part of what makes it magical.

The same goes for your wedding décor.

Every wedding is different, and because of that, we offer personalized wedding décor packages. We want to know your vision and learn about your venue so we can provide an accurate design for you!

What We Take Into Consideration

We offer hundreds of décor elements with a wide range of applications. We will provide you with a personalized design proposal that is specific to your vision and take into consideration:

  • Venue Location and Room
  • Is your ceremony at your reception venue?
    • If so, how are the rooms configured?
  • Set Up Time Allowed
  • Tear down Time Allowed
  • Available Power Supply
  • Ceiling Height
  • Room Architectural features; colors, lighting, ceiling design, door design

Where We Start

2021 the minimum design package starts at $2000

2022 the minimum design package starts at $2500