St. Thomas More School Casino Night | November 8th, 2014

St. Thomas More School in Munster, IN hosted their annual Casino Night on Saturday, November 8th, 2014! Elegant Event Lighting Chicago created a custom lighting and décor design that transformed the gym for the “Under the Sea” themed event!

The Elegant Event Lighting Chicago Team began the transformation by draping the perimeter of the gym in white pleated fabric. The entire length of drape was illuminated with blue wash uplighting to add a dramatic pop of color! It looks wonderful and glamourous like a real casino does. Many who are serious about their casino game use an Online casino to hone their skills before they approach the real thing. This will encourage everyone to have a good time and get the most out of what they are doing. If you want to learn more about the basics of putting money down on a game at the casino or online, you can find out here some of the terminology surrounding gambling so that you are better equipped to scoop up some major winnings.

Wall Draping & Uplighting | St. Thomas More School Casino Night

To focus guest’s attention on the silent auction table, EEL Chicago added a pickup design to the wall draping behind the table that we highlighted with warm amber and blue uplighting.

Elegant Event Lighting Chicago also adorned the ceiling with Ocean Waves! The ceiling draping design incorporated four hanging jellyfish creatures illuminated in bold, jewel tones that accented the white and blue sheer fabric and changed colors throughout the evening to enhance the guest experience!

Ceiling Draping & Jellyfish Lighting | St. Thomas More School Casino Night

We absolutely love the pirate ship that the casino night committee created!

Wall Draping & Uplighting | St. Thomas More School Casino Night

All of the lighting and décor elements were perfectly tied together and enhanced the “Under the Sea” theme! It was an absolute pleasure working with Kristin Peters to bring the lighting and décor vision to life for the St. Thomas More School Casino Night! Thank you for trusting Elegant Event Lighting and on behalf of our entire team, congratulations on a successful event!

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