Wedding Wednesday- 9/10/16 Williams Bay, WI

Happy Wedding Wednesday! We received  beautiful photographs by Anna Guziak Photography from Kristen & John’s wedding in September of 2016. This couple’s unique design included  a tent decorated with cafe lights, fabric backdrops, and other decor lighting elements.

Kristen John 0758
Cafe Globe Lighting was strung in a design which complemented Kristen & John’s decorative rings provided by their amazing florist Kelly at Fleur which hung on the ceiling and…
Kristen John 0813

…on the elegant white fabric backdrop behind the bar!
Kristen John 0971

Along with glowing head table lighting, the reception looked romantic and warm!

Kristen John 1202

A white fabric backdrop also complimented the jamming live Chicago Cover Wedding Band Maggie Speaks!

Kristen John 1395

It’s amazing what a difference lighting can have in a room! As the night went on, the pink came out!

This outdoor tent wedding was the perfect mix of classy and fun.

Joan at Five Grain Events did an incredible job as Kristen and John’s Wedding Planner, and Anna Guziak captured beautiful photos of it all!

Thank you to Kristen & John for letting us be a part of your wedding day.

Happy Wedding Wednesday from EEL Chicago!

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